5 Reasons why you should consider a first look

January 28, 2020

Five reasons

why you should consider a “First Look” on your wedding day

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What is a First Look?

A “first look” is an intimate moment on a wedding day or during an elopement before the ceremony. It’s a private moment for the couple to see each other without the audience of family and friends. Although it’s typically a tradition to see your spouse as they walk down the aisle, it’s a new trend to incorporate this into your wedding timeline.

If you’re eloping and think the first look isn’t for you, I can assure you this isn’t true. I’ve captured many elopements that incorporated a first look that was absolutely amazing! Likely, you’re not following the tradition of walking down an aisle during your elopement, so incorporating a first look helps make the day more special.

Here is why you should consider a first look.

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1. More time for photos. Make your day go smoothly!

Trust me when I say your wedding day will run much more smoothly with a first look. When photographers plan a first look for their couples, it means immediately following, we can schedule your wedding party portraits as well as your family formal portraits. No matter the size of your wedding party or family, it makes everything easier. Let’s be honest, timelines are tough to follow and if you’re running late on your wedding day (it’s happened plenty of times) you can still get everything done on time leading up to the most important part of your wedding day – the ceremony!

2. More time to enjoy your wedding!

Believe me on this one. The age-old adage of, “your wedding day is going to fly by” is true. Too many times couples don’t get to enjoy their wedding by spending time with their guests or eat their dinner! I’m a foodie and I’d be mad if I could not have enjoyed my cocktail hour. You spend almost a year leading up to your wedding day to plan an experience that is unique to you. It’s a shame to not enjoy what truly matters – the celebration of your day with those you love.

From a photographer’s point of view including a first look is the opportunity to allow you to enjoy your experience. It gives us time to capture the details you worked so strenuously to plan and to highlight aspects of your wedding that are important to you. When I capture your wedding, I capture it all. And as much as I love to capture my couples, I love to capture every element of the wedding – invitations, flowers, interiors and behind the scenes moments that often go unnoticed.

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3. Take the stress away

Let’s admit that your wedding day can be very stressful. There are so many emotions involved and nothing has been more of a comforting experience than watching my couples see each other before their ceremony for the first time. You’ll feel more relaxed and ready to go – the privacy you have at the moment is reassuring before you say your nuptials in front of an audience. The special moment that you will feel at the altar will remain, regardless. It does not take the magic away!

4. Private moment

As I had mentioned above, the intimacy involved in a first look is the most important aspect of this whole experience. You’ve likely invited over 100 guests for your wedding. Guess what? Everyone will want to congratulate you! It’s no surprise that couples tend to get too busy and having the first look will allow you to soak in the day. Click here to view Eric and Jeff who did their first look on a small island near their ceremony location. See more here!

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5. Exchange your vows

Exchanging vows is an option that goes by unnoticed. If you’re the kind of person who does not like having too much attention on yourself then this idea is for you. Maybe you didn’t consider exchanging your vows at the ceremony, you can do so at your first look. You can cry, laugh and tell each other everything without worrying about anyone hearing you.

If vows aren’t for you, click here to see Kristen & Russ who wed in at The Mill Lakeside Manor and wrote a letter and read it to each other in privacy. The moment is yours. See more here!

Still not convinced why you should consider a first look?



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