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December 3, 2019

A Guide To How To Build Your Wedding Day Timeline

  Helpful Tips on How To Build A Wedding Day Timeline

Have you been asked how many hours of photography coverage you’ll be needing? It’s likely you have no idea and you’ve been wondering what to account for. Well, I’ve got you covered! There are so many aspects to planning a wedding day timeline. With so many things to consider from getting ready, family formals, and your special send-off – you’ll want to make sure your photographer captures it all.
Three Important things to consider when building your wedding day timeline
1. Travel When building a wedding day timeline, the most important thing to consider is how long it takes to travel from one destination to the next. Are getting ready at one location, having your ceremony at another and your reception to follow is the last stop for your big send-off? If so, you’ll want to account for how long it takes to travel from each destination to the next and consider planning your transportation efficiently for traffic.
2. Tradition Whether you repeat vows or have your own, you’ll want to consider what types of traditions you are incorporating into your ceremony. Nondenominational weddings typically last anywhere from 15-20 minutes but consider what traditions you want to include at the altar to plan efficiently.
3. Timing  Aside from planning travel and incorporating traditions, you want to also consider your priorities. If you want to enjoy your experience at the reception, consider making a list of each individual you need a photograph with and how much time you’re willing to set aside for portraits. Having a list will help you plan for timing more efficiently.
Start planning your timeline for two months in advanceAll of the details you want to capture will add to your timeline so consider what elements you want to incorporate that are important to you. 

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