How to plan your elopement in NYC

April 14, 2020

How to elope in NYC

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You just got engaged and you’re wondering if eloping in New York City would be the best option for you? NYC is one of the most famous cities to elope! Planning an elopement in NYC is so much fun and I’m here to help you plan your day. I’ve traveled all over the world, visited hundreds of cities and I myself eloped twice ( yes why not right?). When it comes to eloping in NYC, I won’t only be your photographer but I’ll also help you and guide you to have the most amazing day. I’ve put together a free guide for you to download to help you pick the best location and find the best wedding vendors in NYC. (Your free guide is at the bottom of this article keep scrolling!)

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Where do I start when planning my elopement?

  • Get Inspired

This is the fun part. What’s your dream? Why are you eloping? What do you want your elopement to be like? What’s important to you and your significant other? Start looking at locations that would represent you best.

  • Research and Logistics

When should we elope? If you’re coming from out of town it’s time to do some research on the seasons, the weather and pricing, Remember off-season is always cheaper but the weather might not be the best.

  • Start booking

Once you have decided on a location and time of the year you can start booking your flights/transportation and hotels/Airbnb.

  • Get some help and Finalize the details

It’s time to start booking your vendors. What’s important for you on your day? Eloping doesn’t mean you have to pass on all the planning a wedding comes with. Book a florist, a photographer, an officiant and plan some activities. Are you having guests on your day? Plan a fun dinner somewhere to celebrate!

  • It’s your elopement day! Let’s celebrate

The beauty of eloping is that you can literally do whatever you want on your day you don’t have to respect any traditions! So go have some fun!!!

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Where to Elope in NYC

Let’s pick a place! Choosing a ceremony location for your elopement in NYC can be overwhelming. Let’s be honest we all wish we could do them all. I love every single one of them and I’ve put them in a list for you! When you download your free guide you’ll see a photo per location so make sure to download it when you’re done reading.

From Central Park passing by mid-town Manhattan to Brooklyn, the list is endless and every single place is as beautiful as the others. You need to ask yourself what vibe you want your elopement to be. Do you only want the city vibe? Do you want to include some nature? Do you want to take advantage of some epic city skyline for your ceremony backdrop? What is it that makes you want to elope in NYC? Once you have defined this you can easily pick a location.

Keep in mind that you can always exchange your vows in Central Park and head south to Brooklyn to see more of the city and get all the photos you’ve ever wanted for your day. You are here to celebrate and have the best time of your life.

I broke it down to four big sections on “Where to Elope in NYC?” Once you’ll download your guide you’ll see how many locations are including in each of these neighborhoods of NYC. For example, Central Park has hundreds of options when it comes to having your wedding photos taken or your elopement ceremony.

  • Central Park

Central Park is the perfect location if you’re looking for a more romantic vibe for your elopement. My favorite thing about Central Park is that you can mix two vibes in one location. If you’re looking for a more nature and park vibe you obviously get this but if you also want to have the city vibe and some skyline background in your images you’ll be able to have this is as well for your elopement. It’s a great way to incorporate both vibes when you are turned about picking a place in the city for your wedding day.

  • Brooklyn 

Brooklyn is one of my personal favorites! You really can’t beat the views. There is no doubt why the Dumbo area is so popular. You have it all the Brooklyn Bridge and the Manhattan downtown skyline in one picture. You can start from the Brooklyn Bridge walking your way to the Dumbo area take a walk along the boardwalk take your time and enjoy the views it’s the best part! From there you can keep on going to the most famous view there is and it is the Manhattan Bridge. One of my tips is to get there as early as possible if you really want it to be one of the background for your elopement photos.

  • Manhattan 

Manhattan itself is so diverse. You’ll have all the city vibe you’ve been looking for as well as some more local areas as you get more downtown with the villages. From Greenwich Village passing by The High Line to  Washington Square you can create a very fun itinerary for your day while still visiting some really fun areas of Manhattan!

  • City Hall

My top elopement locations in Central Park

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  • Gapstow Bridge
  • Cop Cot
  • View over Wollman Rink
  • Bethesda Terrace
  • Bethesda Fountain check out this elopement to see more photos
  • Bow Bridge
  • Lake view (view over the San Remo)
  • Ladies Pavilion
  • Bow Bridge
  • Belvedere Castle
  • A Treehouse for dreaming
  • Oak Bridge
  • Shakespeare Garden

My top elopement locations in Brooklyn

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My top elopement locations in Manhattan

  • Central Park
  • The Top of the Rock
  • Rockefeller Center / Ice Rink
  • Bryant Park
  • The NYC public Library
  • The Lincoln Center
  • Union Square
  • Madison Square Park
  • Tribeca
  • Greenwich Village
  • The High Line
  • The Vessel / Hudson Garden check out Mina and Brian to see more photos
  • Pier 35
  • Any rooftop
  • Grand Central

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How to Elope at City Hall

If you want to keep it simple you can always elope at City all in Manhattan or Brooklyn. Here is what you need to know. You’ll have to apply for your marriage license at least 24hr prior to the day you want to have your ceremony. It’s the same process to people at city clerk or outside of city clerk. There are busier days than others, for example, Fridays are the day you want to avoid. It is very crowded and you can be waiting in line anywhere from an hour to 3hrs. To make things easier when eloping at City Hall in NYC, you” have to get there early. The earlier you get to City Hall the easier and faster it is for you to get married. Don’t forget you’ll need a witness in NYC to make your marriage legal.

Here the link to the city clerk and how to proceed for your elopement in NYC.

Vendors you need to book for your elopement in NYC

Eloping doesn’t mean you have to pass on wedding planning. An elopement is a lot of planning and you should make sure it represents who you are and have the best time of your life. I’ve put all my favorite vendors in this guide for you. Here are the vendors you need to consider when getting eloping:

  • Wedding dress designer
  • Officiant
  • Photographer
  • Videographer
  • Hairstylist
  • Makeup Artist
  • Florist
  • Wedding Planner if you want to have someone help you
  • Designer/Calligrapher
  • Restaurants
  • Hotels/Airbnb

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In your complete guide on How to Elope in NYC, I’ve included all my favorite vendors from the city, I respond all your questions under an FAQ and give you all the best locations in NYC to elope and have your ceremony.

Have so much fun planning your NYC elopement!

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