Musician Portrait | Cris Torres | Rocking Philadelphia

August 8, 2018

Portrait Session

CRIS TORRES, When music becomes your everything.

A guitarist portrait.

I grew up surrounded by musicians, starting with my dad and my brother. Both guitar players. Big fans of hard rock and heavy metal and so am I. What I like the most is live concerts, the intensity of the work they achieve on the stage. Their fingers going up and done the cords, the speed they play, the riffs, the solos… When I met Cris and Laura, Cris at the guitar and Laura singing, I knew I wanted to work with them. There is something in the way they interpret the music I love, the passion and the emotion they give to the public listening. Although a lot different to what I am into.

But this is what I’m looking for in my pictures, the emotions, the feelings, the memories it brings, I like finding inspirations somewhere else than photography. Music is one of the firsts after nature on my list. It was really easy working with Cris, share my ideas and make them come to life. My family made me really picky when it comes to defining a great guitar player, and I have to say Cris is definitely one of them, I asked him to keep playing while we were shooting and what a pleasure to listen to his melodies. He surely is an awesome artist.

Thank you for making this happen. Being able to create with a great artist like him was such a blast. Keep rocking man! See you at your next gig, Cheers! Give him a follow!! Links below 🙂 // Portrait session of Laura and Cris here!

CRIS TORRES : Website  //Facebook // Instagram 

A HUGE thank you to Paul Pascucci for letting us shoot in his awesome warehouse, what a dream place for photographers!! I would have never been able to create these pictures otherwise!

Location: Fishtown, Philadelphia, GT Wholesale.