Engagement Portrait Session

YARI + BEN, Princeton-New Jersey

What I will remember from this engagement session is that wanting to be with the person you love can take time, energy and a lot of concession. These two are the proof that anything is possible. Ben and Yari met a few years ago back in Mexico when Ben was visiting a good friend of Yari. A few years past and it was Yari’s turn to come to the US and experience a different life. Ben is from upstate NY and Yari was moving to New Jersey, it was great for both of them to start hanging out together again.

Traveling back and forth from NY state, falling in love a little bit more after each date, and 3 years later, Ben proposed. He came to Princeton, went out with Yari and a bunch of friends and finally ask the question. Being in a long distance relationship isn’t the easiest, and I know for fact! These two are finally moving together. They took their way upstate NY the following day of our session. I wish you all the best for this coming year!

Again, congratulations you two on your engagement, I can’t wait for your wedding next year, I’ll miss you!

Love, Anaïs

PS: Ben kept saying silly things the entire time to Yari and I don’t know how he was able to stay serious I couldn’t stop laughing my ass with these two.

Location: Princeton University, Palmer Square, The Fountain of Freedom // More couple portrait here!


Working with anaïs was a totally Magnifique and extraordinary experience. She is so professional!!! But the most important is that she makes you feel comfortable and let you be yourself. We are more than happy with her job is such an artist that you don’t find everywhere. If you have any event she is definitely the best photographer you can hire. I can’t wait for our next photoshop with her !!!!!

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