What to wear for your engagement photos

10 Tips for your engagement session

What To Wear For Your Enagement Session

You just got engaged and now it’s time to think about when and where to do your engagement photos! Well, there is another subject you should think about and it is what you’re going to wear for your engagement session! You can read my previous Engagement Session 101 here to have all the information you’ll need for the day!

What you’re going to wear can kill your photos or make them stand out. Here are 10 tips you can start implementing.

You can refer to my Pinterest board where I saved all of the fun ideas I find on the web!


1. Wear something comfortable

Engagement Session Outfit Ideas

One of the most important tips I can give you is this one! Being comfortable in your own clothing will help make you feel more comfortable in front of the camera! Trust me if you don’t feel like the clothes you’re wearing make you look good then any photographer will be able to tell!

It’s not just about clothing, but shoes as well! And this one is for you ladies! I’m not a hill person and I hate wearing them! If you feel me here, please don’t feel obligated to wear any type of hills for your engagement photos. And in the end, if you do so, make sure to bring more than one pair of shoes. If you can’t walk on hills avoid THEM! This is no fun for you or for me to photograph someone who can’t even take a few steps for photos! Think about it! 😉

Do not try to impress or pretend to be someone else on the day of your engagement photos! Pick something you already have in your closet if this is easier.

2. Pick clothes that reflect your personality

13 Brooklyn Couple Session 113 Brooklyn Couple Session 40

I could copy-paste these photos for one of the next tips! Read more and you’ll understand why! The outfit they chose represents who they are and the way they like to dress. It’s 100% them and they are rocking it! Make sure when you decide on what to wear for your engagement session that it represents you!


3. Coordinate your outfits

What To Wear For Your Engagement Session 00911 Stevie+Kevin Brooklyn 212 Stevie+Kevin Brooklyn 175

What does it mean? It means DO NOT MATCH but coordinate instead. Probably the second most important tip here for you guys! Do not wear the same clothes or color on your engagement photos. For example, matching shirts. Trust me you’ll regret it. Find a color palette you love and pick a few colors from this palette to coordinate your clothing.

In the first photos, Jesse is wearing a very nice shirt and pants so Philomena wore a cute dress and they looked absolutely stunning. If you decide to dress up both of you should! (A fancy dress+A pair of ripped jeans and sneakers >>> NOPE)

The second couple was all about jeans, leather shoes and a jacket it all works out together! Simple, easy and rock and roll!

4. Keep in mind neutral colors

What To Wear For Your Engagement Session 006

Don’t go crazy with all the colors you find on a rainbow! Keep it simple. Unless you’re going for a 70’s look then go for it! What I mean here, is the choice of colors you’ll choose will kill or make you stand out on the photos.

What I tell everybody is that YOU are the focus of these images and not your clothe! We are not at a fashion shoot! We want to see you and so does your family!

What works every time is earthy neutral colors. Don’t get me wrong colors are amazing but if you both wear something completely different and flashy this is not going to work! Only one of you should wear a pop color if this is what you want for your photos.

Think about complementary colors for example blue and oranges/yellow like Kendal and Anthony in this photo! These two colors work perfectly together. Warm and cold colors are a good match. Again pick a color palette!

5. Patterns DO and DONT

Just like colors make sure the clothing you chose doesn’t have too many patterns. Sometimes it works like a few photos I’ve shared under number 2. And sometimes it just looks terrible. Here is the tip, if you’re not sure. Only one of you should wear something with patterns. For example, ladies wearing a flower dress, well don’t make your loved one wear a square shirt or stipes it won’t look good! If the patterns you choose are easy to associate then you’re good to go!

Avoid wording and big brand name.

6. Don’t be afraid to wear white

What To Wear For Your Engagement Session 005

White doesn’t have to be just for your wedding day! Wearing white for your engagement session is amazing, it’s easy to wear and fits everywhere!!

7. Bring two outfits

What To Wear For Your Engagement Session 007

Bring options! If you are unsure about what you’ll end up wearing then bring a few options that you and your photographer can decide on sight. Discuss with your photographer what you’re thinking about is sometimes key to take this final decision.

Here is what you can do: You can bring a more casual outfit and then go fancy with something else. Like this, you get more photos and options to share with all your friends and family!

Kendall had prepared 3 different outfits for this session in Big Sur we went to 3 different locations and were able to use 3 different looks. See more on the blog

8. Make it flowy

10 Kendal+Anthony Big Sur California 160

A good flowy dress and some wind. Perfect combo for some epic photos! It helps giving movement in your photos and honestly it sooo pretty!


9. Bring some accessories

What To Wear For Your Engagement Session 003

Accessories are a fun way to add something else to your photos. I took Keighley and Dylan’s engagement photos for example. Not everybody will announce a pregnancy on the day I know but it was winter! So what we did is that we made sure they were wearing hats, had a cute blanket to represent the holidays and so on.

For the ladies, it also means to bring some nice jewelry, rings, neckless, hats, scarfs… Sometimes the smallest things do the biggest effect!

10. Dress accordingly

What To Wear For Your Engagement Session 002

This is more about the season! Make sure to dress for the season which also means for the weather! Unless you’re ok with the cold when it’s winter. Do some research on the location and see what kind of outfit could fit best for the place. Going for a hike? Bring your king attire and your outfit in a backpack to change. Make sure to have an extra jacket or shoes with you!

Adapt the color of your close with the location! Play with the colors that surround you!


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