Edgy-rock motorcycle couple session

When I moved back to the US, my husband had mentioned he had this cool Yamaha motorcycle!! The kind of bike I dream about! Unfortunately, it doesn’t run and it is way too dangerous for me to even try it! But as soon as I saw it I knew I had to bring a couple to the farm again! I’m so beyond happy that my friend Andrea was willing to come with her boyfriend, Mike and just let me bring my vision to life! They seriously look super rad in these photos, I mean look at them!!!!

When Andrea messaged me back from my Instagram story, she mentioned that her birthday was coming up! Having her portrait taken with her boyfriend was the perfect gift for her special day!

” I don’t know about you, but at least once I’ve said. “I would love to have pictures that look like the cute couple. Like that couple that you see on Pinterest, looks cool and all naturally beautiful in pictures”. Well, Anais made us look like one. “One of those couples”! Tbh we had no idea if what we were doing was right, and probably we weren’t. But she used her magic and this is the result of her work! Find her post here!

You really don’t need to be a model or even ever have had your portrait taken professionally to look awesome in your photographs! My first goal when capturing a couple is to make sure they are comfortable at any time and they have a lot of fun! If I can make this happen then that’s a HUGE WIN for me! Everybody feels awkward at first, and I still do too! This is why it’s super important to choose a photographer that will make sure you are always confident in front of his/her camera!

More photos on our property were taken this winter! Look at what we were able to create on the farm here!

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