Long Beach Island, NJ Portrait Session

Léa & Luigi

Portrait Session at Long Beach Island State Park, NJ. When I moved to the US, I knew it was going to be hard not to see my friends as much again. We are used to it but I really miss spending my time with them back home. When Léa started to plan her stay with us in New Jersey, I made sure these guys see most of what this state has to offer and NYC. New Jersey is famous for his shore so why not go to the beach before winter comes? It was windy and cold by the end of the day but they did not say no when I asked them to take their shoes off and get in the water. These guys are as crazy as I am. It felt so natural to ask them to go nuts for these photos and just be themselves.

I’ve known Luigi since I was born I would say, and Léa for about 6 years.  To me, it feels like they’ve been dating forever. I love them so much when they are together, always making fun of each other and making jokes. Like seriously they never FREAKING STOP!! They are the kind of people you always want to have around. Thank you for making me laugh too much and bringing me all the good food from France (wine & schokobons kinders)

Can’t wait to see you guys again!!!! PLEASE COME BACK HERE!!!!!!!!!

Love, Anaïs. xx

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