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Why you should consider an Engagement Session

There are many reasons why an engagement session is important for newly engaged couples. Either you already know you will do one, or you are still on the fence about it, you should always consider it. Why?:

If you are shy in front of the camera, it’s the best way to get to know your wedding photographer and be comfortable in front of the camera. You’ll feel a lot more relaxed on your big day and won’t pay attention to it as much as if you never had your portrait taken professionally. Be familiar with the gear your photographer will use and how he will direct you to make you look amazing.

Next, you’ll probably want to send your Save The Dates with professional photos to your guest to announce your wedding date. Your guest will be so excited to see you guys have fun together on photos.

Last but not least, it’s a lot of fun! You can go explore new areas, go on an adventure or get photos at your favorite location. Make a date out of it, bring some champagne and enjoy your time for just the two of you!


How to nail your engagement photos

You just got engaged and now you’re wondering, what do I do next?

First things, first. Hire a professional photographer. You want your photos to last a lifetime and cherish them for the years to come. It’s also nice to freeze where you guys are at in your relationship. Photograph seasons of your life are the best way to remember the way you felt that day. Get dressed and go have some fun for a day!

5 tips to nail your engagement photos!

1. Pick a location that means something to you both

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Set the scene! Either you live in the city or in the countryside, choosing your engagement photos location should be up to you. Ask yourself the questions that define who you truly are. Are you someone who loves spending time in the outdoors? Then plan on going to the forest or mountains nearby. Or are you someone who loves going out in town for a coffee or nice walk around the park? Getting your portrait taken at your favorite coffee shop is also a great option. Choose a place that represents you both. Either, it’s the beach, the mountains, forest, or down your neighborhood street, make sure it feels like you.


2. Hire a professional Makeup artist and hairstylist

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If you are at the stage in wedding planning where you already know who your hair and makeup artist will be, ask them to do a trial run on you for your engagement session photos. It’s the perfect time to talk to them and tell them what you love and what you’ll want for your day. If you are dressing up for your photos why not also get your hair and makeup professionally done to make it feel seamless. Schedule an appointment for hair and make up for a trial for your wedding day. Makeup by FacebyRaymie


3. What to wear for your engagement session?

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My favorite one! Indeed choosing your outfit for your photos ( Engagement session or any type of portrait session) is SUPER IMPORTANT. Trust me! I’ll write a full blog about what to wear on your engagement session. But here are a few tips that you can start implementing:

Choose your outfit in advance! – Coordinate – Iron your clothes – Dress accordingly to the location you picked – Be comfortable!

1 session to check out – this couple planned 3 different outfits the perfect example for what to wear on your E-session.

4. Plan around the Sun

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Every photographer will tell you this. There is no better time than sunrise or sunset to plan your engagement session. The light will be smooth and make it look magical. If you are looking for that golden light you’ve seen in photos, this is it. If you choose a location that gets crowded throughout the day, sunrise might be your best option! Make sure to coordinate with your photographer depending on where you are going!


5. Have fun

How To Nail Your Engagement Session


You won’t be engaged for the rest of your life. So enjoy this special season in your relationship and have fun taking photos of you two! Act the way you would do if nobody else was watching you. Be silly, tell dad’s jokes, goof around. Be yourself. These photos are yours and we are here to make sure to capture who you truly are. So have as much fun as you can!

Engagement Session 101 How To Nail Your Engagement Photos

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