Scotland | Edinburgh | Road Trip part 1

January 23, 2019

Scotland, Edinburgh

When moving to Oxford, England, my goal was to visit, again, as many places as I could. Scotland was very high on my list of places and country to visit. When Tim came visiting I asked him if he would be willing to visit Scotland even though we only had a short time together. Obviously, he didn’t say No to the idea of a new adventure. Whatever we’ll make it happen that all it mattered to us. We rented a car and drove from Oxford all the way to Edinburgh for our first stop before heading to the incredible Isle of Skye. This city has such a moody ambiance with all the dark stones used to build the buildings, the light, I mean THE LIGHT, “like what the H*** I’ve never seen something like this!!!” as the sun set over the famous Arthur seat the sky turns into a shade of colors that would make anyone shiver, It is just out of control!!! The rich food, the whiskey, the history, and all the people we met, made our stay very warm and welcoming. We were so ready for what was coming next! A great beginning to celebrate my 25th Birthday.

Location: Edinburgh // Nikon D5200, D750. // October-November 2016