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Lancaster and surroundings

When it comes to exploring the area where I stay I’m always in for a cool adventure. Small, long or quick it doesn’t matter to me, as long as I meet new people and get to enjoy what a place has to offer. It was a first for me to see how the Amish culture has been well preserved in this area, it’s amazing to see them keep their traditions over the years.

If you venture enough, you can end up in the small village of Lititz, which has kept the village with all his beautiful historic sights. They say it gets crowded during the summer season. Springtime was the perfect time for us to visit. See the beautiful trees fill up the street with new pink and white blooming, the artists exposing their beautiful paintings or just enjoy some good local food and beer. A perfect escape for a few days.

Location: Lancaster, Lititz, and around

Spring is finally showing up and what a pleasure to enjoy these beautiful colours decorate the streets.

bloomingstreet portrait photography Lancasterbloominglancaster portraitlancasterlancaster lancaster central marketlancaster marketlancaster central marketlancaster market lancaster market lancaster market lancaster marketlancasterlancasterlancaster streetsLancasterlancaster portrait lancaster lancaster lancasterLancaster street

We took a ride out of Lancaster and the villages and made our way to the river south of the city. Crossing hundreds of farms and beautiful landscapes.

lancaster farm landscape lancaster amish farm lancaster amish farmportrait golden hours man portrait photographyportrait golden hours portrait golden hours

Until next time! See you later Lancaster ..

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