Kids of the world | South East Asia

June 26, 2018

Backpacking South East Asia

Traveling allows you to see and explore beautiful landscapes, places and meet amazing people. But kids seriously made my days back in South East Asia. Their curiosity and happiness are just incredible. Looking back at these pictures put the biggest smile on my face. I have been traveling for the past 5 years and most of my jobs were to take care of kids or teach them French in a different part of the world.

Being able to capture their emotions on a photo, play with them and just share a moment was one of my favorite parts of this trip. Hear them scream at you “HELLO” from inside their houses, run to yo to just give you the biggest high five of their life or ask you to play soccer with them. Kids from South East Asia were the cutest little faces. Not afraid to fall and get back on their feet without a tear in their eye, or get as dirty as they could just because it’s fun to play in the dirt.

You don’t need to speak the same language to share some of the best moments with a stranger. A look sometimes is enough. Though you need to be good with sign language and have a ton of energy to keep up with these little ones.

Keep a smile on your face wherever you go and people will welcome you with open arms.

Each picture has its own story. And I could write a lot about them all.  I’ll never forget the feeling when I pressed the shutter for each of them. But for now, I just want you to see. For more adventures read our travel blog. And for more pictures from South East Asia, look at my previous post about Indonesia

Pictures location: Indonesia, Myanmar, Vietnam, Borneo, Cambodia.

“When kids become the photographer”

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