Yosemite Valley One Year Anniversary Session

Have you ever dreamed to see an epic sunrise in the mountains? Cause I know I do every single day!! And they are my favorite! Waking up early to catch a quiet but powerful sunrise and feel the warmth of it, is one of the best feelings I have experienced over the years while traveling.

I have to say, THANK YOU UNIVERSE, for putting Katie and David on my way! We connected over on Instagram and I still can’t believe how lucky I am to have been able to capture their One Year Anniversary in Yosemite! A simple message turned into something very special and magical! Getting to know them and their love story was a real blessing. Katie and David met while working in Sequoia National Park. Hmmm, excuse me??? I can’t think of a better place to meet the love of your life! Celebrating their first year of marriage in Yosemite was a great way to start a new milestone in their life.

Their love for each other is so inspiring. One of the most adorable couple I had the chance to photograph! Ready for anything and especially ready to have a good time! When Katie mentioned she was all in for an early sunrise session, I fell in love with them right after reading this message! Hearing David talk about how he went hiking Upper Yosemite Falls by himself a few years ago and all the other trails he adventured on made me want to explore Yosemite at a different season! Because most of the trails we had planned to do with my husband were closed because of snow. David gave us a good reason to come back again!!

They drove all the way from Fresno to meet me in the morning at Tunnel View where we started our little adventure! Yosemite sure is one of the best places to photograph adventurous couples like these two! The scenery it offers is just out of control! It was our second time in the park and the view doesn’t get old! Yosemite National Park will always have a special place in my heart.

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Were all the pics of Katie in the red dress taken at tunnel view?

Yes we stayed at Tunnel View for her first outfit 🙂

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