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Destination Wedding Photographer / Travel Photographer

I started photography about 5 years ago when I left the place I still call home (France) to travel the world and experience it fully. Documenting my journeys by taking photographs was the best way for me to share my passion for traveling with my family back in France and all my friends from all over the world.

I’ve always loved photography but there is no other thing than travel and landscape photography that fulfills me best. Whenever I have my camera in hand ready to press the shutter and document a new part of the world my mind is at peace, because I know I’ll always have a way to remember and capture all my memories. There is so much to discover and enjoy and I can’t wait to expand my horizons even more. New cultures, new traditions, new faces, that’s what I’m looking for when I travel and bring you on with me. Let’s experience it all together.

As a travel photographer becoming a destination wedding photographer became obvious to me. If you’re looking for someone who can make all the research on your Destination Wedding, well search no longer! I’M YOUR GIRL!!

I’ll let you dig into my previous work and discover some of the places I have visited before. Maybe you’d like to go to one of these locations for your wedding day? Let me plan it!! I’ve got your back here!! I have a ton more places I’m craving to go with you and photograph your love in your dreamiest country. TAKE A LOOK AT MY BUCKET LIST!

Always remember to be humble for what you have. I can’t freaking wait to be part of your journey!!

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