Green House Arboretum Couple session


Believe it or not but the only time I visited this place was with Laura back in 2014. Going back there reminded me of the good time we had exploring New Jersey together. And today I had the great pleasure to finally go back with her to capture the love of these two soulmates.

I remember Laura telling us so many good things about Cris when we were only au pairs. She was so excited to have him visit and show him her life in the US. A few days later, she came back with a ring on her finger freshly engaged!!! I’m so happy after all this time to be reunited in New Jersey again and meet her amazing and talented husband and capture the special connection they have built all these years.

The Duke Farms is the perfect place for nature lovers to enjoy a sunny day in New Jersey. Spending our Sunday at the Arboretum was a great way to say bye to the hot summer days and hello to a beautiful fall!

I wish you guys many years of adventure, love, and a successful music career. You deserve all the best

Anaïs. xx

Location: Duke Farms, Hillsborough, New Jersey. Discover Cris Music Portrait here!

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