Dumbo Brooklyn Proposal

When Josh reached out to me and told me about proposing to Karina I was all excited about it! This was my 3rd Dumbo Brooklyn proposal and the view never gets old! New York City was a first for Karina so it made this proposal even more special!

We used the Manhattan skyline as a backdrop for Josh to put his knee down and finally pop the question! Then, we went around Dumbo to finish their portrait session and ended on the iconic Brooklyn Bridge!

When I got Josh on the phone to plan his proposal, he also mentioned to me that they were about to move to Taiwan! I was so excited to hear their story! They are both moving to teach for about a year and who knows where they will go next!! Asia as so much to offer I’m sure they’ll have a real blast! After this, he also told me that we have a trip in common which is our Vietnam trip traveled on a motorcycle! When we finally met in person, I was so happy to hear all about his journey to South East Asia! This place is so special to my heart and I’ll never forget how amazing our journey with Tim was! Hearing the story from someone else’s point of view was all I needed to make me dream about all the places we visited again!

Big congratulations to you guys!!! I can’t freaking wait to follow your journey on Instagram!!!! HAVE SO MUCH FUN!!!!

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Another proposal in Brooklyn Dumbo last winter, click here! 


Love this! You are so amazing! Thank you so much.

You are so sweet!! Thank you so much!! I wish you guys all the best 🙂

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