my bucket list

A dream coming true

What’s my bucket list about?

Well, I’m a huge traveler since I left France after graduating from college. I found my way and lived the life I’ve always dreamed of along with my best bud in hand freezing my best memories.
My last big adventure was my 7 Months trip to South East Asia with my beloved one, Tim. Before that, I have traveled most of the time by myself. Europe, and North America mostly. I consider our planet as my playground. If we were friends you would know that every country is on my list, like seriously! It would be ridiculous to write down everything here. So to make things easier here is MY TOP LIST of places I would like to photograph you.

If you can not find your dream place, don’t worry, drop me a line and let’s see what we can do!

I’m dying to know what’s the top 3 of your bucket list! If you feel like sharing it with me don’t be shy and tell me your biggest dreams! It will help me a lot to get to know you and meet all of your expectations. My absolute dream is to go capture the northern lights. What’s yours?


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North America


- Antelope Canyon/Horseshoe Bend, AZ (I'm dying to go back)
- The mighty five, UT (Any of these 5 national parks, same than Antelope- Don't judge me these places are out of control!!!)
- Joshua tree, CA
- Grand Teton National Park, MT
- Oregon (Anywhere)
- White Sand Dune, NM
- Colorado (Anywhere lost in the mountains)
- Hawaii, Kauai (Loved the landscape)/ Big Island

-Yoho National Park, BC
-Banff National Park, AB (I've been to both places but they are my favorites, seriously!)

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The World

My top list

- Iceland
- Scotland (My favorite country I've traveled to)
- Norway
- Finland
- Argentina, Patagonia
- Peru
- The Faroe Islands
- Maldives
- Greece
- New Zealand

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Home sweet home

I would be more than honored if you chose me as your photographer on your perfect day in France.
France is where I grew up and where my heart will always be. I would be SOOO HAPPY to be part of your day and travel with you to my home country. I don't have any places in mind, France is a beautiful country to travel to! I'm dying to know which place is your dream place!!!