If you are here it means we just became inseparable! Just kidding… but it’s not totally wrong 😉 You can’t even imagine how freaking happy I am to be the one capturing your day! And for this, I have to say THANK YOU! I feel extremely lucky to be there for you and you need to know that I’ll have your back in every step of the process!

This is actually me behind my screen right now :)))


Some more details for you!

What comes next?

Engagement Session

If you booked one in your package, let’s put you on the calendar ASAP!

A month or two in advance is your best bet to get the date you want. I typically book them on a weekday as it’s easier for me to make sure I’m available for you!

Here are some tips to make sure we get the best of you 🙂


I try to be as available as possible for you guys! Feel free to text me on my phone if it’s easier! I really don’t mind. Though if it’s something important emails are the best! I’ll be able to keep track of our conversation better than a text message!

1-2 months before your day you receive a QUESTIONNAIRE!

You’ll receive a questionnaire where I ask you a few questions about your day and you and your family to make sure I capture everything you need.

I’ll need it back fully filled up no later than 2 weeks prior to your date!

Last phone call!

I like getting you on the phone for last-minute details and make sure your timeline is set up properly and we are all on the same page! Usually, a week or two before your date when I receive the questionnaire back.