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Anaïs Possamaï

The first question I usually get is ” How do you say your name???”
Let’s make it simple. It’s AH-NAH-EES. I won’t judge you if you can’t say it right. My husband still has trouble with it too…
Anyway here is some of my personal story:

I left home as soon as I graduated college and fell in love with the travel life. It’s been 5 years and what started as a hobby has quickly grown into a full-fledged passion. I live fully everywhere I go and make the most of my art. Photography has been the reason for all my travel. And travel has been my best teacher. I love learning. Learning about new cultures, traditions and experience new things. Meet new people, making new friends and having friends becoming family. Travel taught me everything I know about photography. How? I bought a camera, a one-way flight and took a TON S*** of pictures. Got up at 2 am too many times to climb on top of volcanoes to catch the first morning light, stayed up late at night to capture the milky way, got soaking wet to get to a special location, this is what drives me.

I would do anything to get the photos of my dreams. I’m driven and passionate, and when I have something in mind I don’t give up until I get it. When I commit, I commit 100%. I care about my art and the memories that come out of it. Photography is not just my job for me, it’s the way I live my life. But the best thing about traveling has been meeting my best partner, Tim. I found my travel buddy for life. He pushes me toward my dreams and supports me. Always ready for a quick trip or a long journey.

-I grew up in France. (Yes I speak french)
-Food is my religion.
-French food is my number 1 and Mexican, Indian and Thai are tight on 2nd place
-I’m a French stereotype: Cheese and red wine forever!!!
-Spent 7 months traveling and riding a motorcycle in South East Asia.
-I don’t have a motorcycle license.
-Food was the main reason Tim and I traveled to South East Asia.
-My best friends are my brother & his dog Hooper (the love of my life).
-I lived in France / The UK / The US.
-I like winter better than summer. But fall is my fave!
-I love heavy metal music. Killswitch, Trivium and such.
-My favorite photographer is Chris Burkard and Nat Geo is my favorite magazine.
-Hiking and climbing are what I like to do the most when I’m free.
-Photograph the Northern lights is my absolute dream.
My Travels, my heart.