Anaïs Possamaï


This is how you say my name:
Ah-nah-ees and yes my names are spelled with two " ï "

You found the real French stereotype. I could feed myself all day with cheese. I love food and if i wasn’t a photographer I would probably be a food blogger!

I'm from the countryside of the champagne area, I grew up far from cities and the fast life. I left France when I was 21 to explore what was on the other side of the ocean.

I thrive in the mountains and outdoors but take me to a city with the best food scene and I’m in heaven! I adapt everywhere I go. It doesn’t matter to me where you’re taking me, I’m always in for a great journey! I love NYC as much as I love the French alps.

I'm not just a photographer

I LOVE music, but probably not everybody’s favorite kind! I’m a metalhead, I love going to shows and see when my favorite bands are coming to town!! I grew up surrounded by guitar players (my dad and brother) and ACDC playing in the background! FOOD, let’s talk about food ha!! My favorite thing after photography!!! Always looking for new recipes, I also became a freaking addict to Half Baked Harvest recipes check her out!! I miss France because cheese and wine are cheaper, and the foooooood don’t get me started! (My family too)

Fun Facts

I talk about how much I traveled on all my social media, take a peek at how I truly started photography.



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"It's more than just pretty photos, it's about the experience you're about to live."

Destination Wedding & Elopement Photographer
Based in New Jersey – New York – France